Ensuring that over 111 projects in water resources sector for multipurpose objective have been completed satisfactorily up to this moment. They include hydrological studies & analysis, detailed engineering design, water resources management, master plan establishment and construction supervision & mainte

nance. Locating in eight strategic principle islands of the country those projects were funded by several financial agencies with great eagerness encompassing IBRD, ADB, OECF/ JBIC/ JICA, GOI and Private sources.


Not less than 77 projects with respect to very wide scope of energy development have been completed timely & perfectly by our professional team. From conventional to modern technology, renewable and un-renewable energy composing of hydropower, coal, combined cycle, geothermal, wind, wave up to nuclear power energy. Merely for our Clients satisfaction, we have involved in a wide range capacity of energy, from 0.40 MW, 25 MW, 70 MW, 2 x 115 MW, 500 MW, 2000 MW to 4000 MW.


Excellent experiences of more than 66 transportation development projects encourage us to do more for our clients honour in road & highway engineering services. Detailed engineering services and construction supervision & maintenance in road betterment, national roads, bridges and highway activities through modern method approaches and reliable software, all projects have been accomplished properly and timely since our establishment year.


The experiences of company that has been going for more than two decades of services already contributed considerable learning process brought about by the ever changing use of technology, human resources development, company infrastructures, competencies in problems solving, and the ability of competition.


Over 157 projects of settlements, water supplies & sanitation, environmental impact studies and infrastructures & social capacity development have been finalised since the year 1982. Starting from rural urban development areas up to modern cities we have dedicated our services to domestic, business and industrial requirements. Yes, we never give up creating sustainable & friendly environmental development possibilities indeed.


Encouraged by more than 196 surveys and investigations of geo-technical and hydro-geological aspects, supported by reliable software & hardware as well as high quality of Information Technology, we are never anxious for any site conditions for finding any feasible & competitive problem solving faced by clients.


Nowadays we extend our services to come across to respectful and proud experiences in a large amount of agriculture, fishery and oceanography projects.