Company Background


KWARSA HEXAGON is an independent consultant company founded in the year of 1982. This company is based at Jalan Rancabolang No. 36 Bandung 40286 - Indonesia, with branch offices in DKI Jakarta, Semarang, and Makassar - Indonesia.


In the beginning of its establishment, KWARSA HEXAGON started by survey and investigation activities related to the Geotechnical and Groundwater development. In line with the rising of service need and the improvement of company's professionalism, supported by more than 400 high dedicated multi-discipline engineers and office space facilities covering about 3,000 m2 completed by latest version supporting facilities, the business of KWARSA HEXAGON has been developing recently into three-main services in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate i.e.:


  1. Study
  2. Detailed Engineering Design
  3. Construction Supervision

Covering the following field of activities :


  1. Water Resources Development
  2. Civil and Construction Management
  3. Enregy Development
  4. Environmental Assessment Studies
  5. Settlements and Regional Infrastructure
  6. Oceanography and Fisheries
  7. Agriculture and Forestry
  8. Technology and Information System
  9. Survey and Investigation