Disaster Management Plan of East Kalimantan 2012-2017
29 November 2011


The purpose of concept mapping in the work of RPB (Disaster Plan) is to gather existing information and verified dealing with disaster as the basis for the formulation of the index layer used in the mapping of disaster risk. Mapping format presented each sheet with the theme / type of disaster that occurred at the scene. Disaster risk map contains information about the facts, trends, and factors that supported the spatial maps, graphs, tables, and pictures / photos becana information.


East Kalimantan is a disaster-prone areas, particularly natural and non natural disasters. The reduced carrying capacity of the environment, especially in the forest progressively degraded due to the exploitation of people's livelihood cause potential disaster in the region of East Kalimantan.


Major disasters that have occurred in the province of East Kalimantan in 2009 the disastrous floods in Samarinda where tens of thousands of people forced to flee to safety. Previous flooding in the city struck the six villages but a puddle of water extends up to 8 urban villages.



Forest and land fires are also a recurring event in East Kalimantan Province in the dry season. If viewed from the side of the causes of forest and land fires in East Kalimantan are not solely caused by human activity, but also by natural conditions. In the dry season, temperatures in some areas in East Kalimantan and even reached 34.50 C to 39.50 C. Forest fires so far has generated a lot of losses in the economic, environmental, ecological and public health.


To be able to prevent and cope with the complexity of the problems of the disaster, we need a plan for disaster preparedness, called the Disaster Management Plan of East Kalimantan. Disaster Management Plan is a manifestation of the implementation of Law No. 24 of 2007 on Disaster Management.


Article 35 and Article 36 of Law Number 24 Year 2007 on Disaster Management, mandates each region should have a disaster plan. This is described in the provisions of Article 6 paragraph (5) Government Regulation Number 21 Year 2008 on Implementation of Disaster Management.


Disaster Management Plan (RPB) of East Kalimantan Province was prepared with the involvement of relevant agencies, academia and other local communities. This involvement is intended to include Handling and Disaster Risk Reduction as one of the development agenda of East Kalimantan Province. Thus RPB as a reference inter-agency cooperation in the handling and Disaster Risk Reduction, organized by taking into account the potential for disaster exists.


To build understanding and community preparedness in disaster management, the RPB include Disaster Risk Reduction program in formal and informal education programs as a means of community empowerment. Similarly, conservation efforts and dissemination of local knowledge on disaster.