Feasibility Study Minahasa Gas Powerplant (Peaking) (1x25 MW)
29 November 2011


In order to reduce the use of fuel oil at power plants owned by PT PLN (Persero) and still fluctuating crude oil world prices, the Governments of the current policy with regard to the development of power plants is emphasized on the use of renewable primary energy sources (Renewable Energy) and non-renewable energy sources that have a large enough reserves such as coal and natural gas (natural gas).


The location was chosen for Minahasa Gas Power plant (1x25 MW) is located in the village of Tawaang, District Tenga, South Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province. Location plans for the construction of Minahasa Gas power plant adjacent to the Amurang coal fired power plant. Location of the Project for the power plant is located in the Village Tawaang Minahasa, District Tenga, South Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi, with coordinates 01 ° 12'09 .98 "N and 124 º 32'52 .71" East. Location and position of the Minahasa Gas Power plant location plan is located adjacent to the road with Amurang coal fired power plant (2x25 MW). Access from Jakarta to Project Location can be conducted by Airplane taken for ± 3.5 hours from Soekarno Hatta - Jakarta to Samratulangi Airport - Manado, and proceed overland journey from the airport to the location Samratulangi for ± 2 hours.