Feasibility Study of Riau CFSPP (2 x 100 MW) Located at Pekan Baru (1061) PT. PLN (Persero) Jasa Enjiniring
29 November 2011


Indonesia's economic growth, particularly in the areas of Riau Province requires the supply of electrical energy is very large. Riau province currently experiencing a prolonged deficit of electrical energy, so every day on a rolling blackout. This means that electricity deficit has occurred even if only for the fulfillment of basic load (base load), so that the construction of a large-capacity power plant becomes a very important program.


To meet the needs of electrical energy at the level of base load, the power plant became the primary choice. Considering the amount of the investment cost and the time required for construction, coal-fired power plant will be the main choice. This power plant will be built not too far from the center of the load (load center). Riau province in which to load centers in the new week and beyond.


Riau power plant is one plant that is planned by the government in 10,000 MW Acceleration Program Phase One. The government launched the Power Plant will run and operate in 2012.


To support the declaration / target operating from 2012, then all aspects that influence and support should be hastened and accelerated. Aspects of Engineering at the stage now is the Feasibility Study. Responsible for engineering aspects of PT PLN (Persero) in this case is PT PLN (Persero) and Engineering Services has set a

time of 4 (four) months for the Managing Consultant to complete this Feasibility Study project.