Energy Development


Indonesia is well known with primary energy potency both renewable and non renewable. Renewable energy such as hydropower, geothermal, winds, solar, and tides. Whereas non renewable energy are fuel, natural gas and coal.


Generally in whole the world, energy utilization still dominated by fuel, where the fuel demand growth by 7% a year. Specific in power sector, electricity demand growth by 7,1% a year that need to increase the generating capacity. Meanwhile government has specified 5% a year from total national capacity as target of renewable energy utilization. The incoming power plant must be utilizing renewable primary energy as the priority. While the MEMR (ministry of energy and mineral resources) data show that total installed generating capacity are 30 GW and the electrification ratio is 64%. The condition is showing less impression of utilization of the new and renewable energy, which the effective diversification and energy conservation programs become a necessity.


Government has some program in energy conversion and diversification as follows:

  • Conversion Kerosene to LPG,
  • Biofuels development program,
  • Escalation of another renewable energy utilization in all sectors,
  • Utilization of coal as main fuel for 10,000 MW accelerated power plant projects.

KWARSA HEXAGON has been taken dominant action to respond any challenges of energy development in Indonesia, specifically consulting services of feasibility studies, engineering design and construction supervision of various power plants, including various studies and assisting implementation of energy conservation and diversification program.


KWARSA HEXAGON in cooperation with national and international stake holders has identified many strategic business challenges and opportunities and has been developed effective and practice solutions for energy and power plant development purposes, such as engineering services in:

  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of power plant and Transmission Line
  • Feasibility Study and Basic Design of power plant and Transmission Line
  • Detailed Engineering Design of power plant and Transmission Line/Distribution System
  • Construction Supervision of power plant and Transmission Line/Distribution System
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) of power plant and Transmission Line Development

With strong experience, achievement and wide networking in energy sector and power plant development KWARSA HEXAGON absolutely could be an appropriate partner.