Information Technology System


The e-Government has being an innovative application due to strengthen the relationship between government with other stake holders. Wide implementation of the IT has encouraged new form of government relationship, such as: G2C (Government to Citizen), G2B (Government to Business), and G2G (Government to Government). Socialization of government policy, community empowerment including inter-government cooperation have been full support by Information Technology and also how community and business doing the promotion of its own regional potency, tourism, etc.


In the future IT will be applied in wider sector, like Political decision making and other strategic policies making. Actually this concept has been implemented in some developed countries, public (constituent) can communicate their aspirations to Legislatives and also to executives through e-mail, internet forums or dedicated website built by the government agency itself. The information will be significantly useful as routine, frequently and also infrequently transaction with great capacity, high accuracy and precisely.


As a Solution provider, KWARSA HEXAGON consistence to provided specific IT services as follows:

  1. Software Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and maintenance.
  2. Software Engineering and Development.
  3. Management Information System (MIS) Development.
  4. Geographic Information System (GIS) Development.
  5. Web Design/ Development.
  6. Network Development and Management.
  7. Micro Controller Development.