Civil & Construction Management


The success of the development in the sector of infrastructure especially in construction services is one of the indicators of achievement in national development. The construction sector has an average annual contribution about 8% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) nationwide by absorbing up to 5% of labor force in Indonesia. The construction of the world will eventually contribute in developing the economy and the welfare level of the nation.


The development in the construction sector, including transportation and other construction management should be held with the optimization principle of all resources involved also the best result-oriented and rewarding. The development of technology and transportation management is one focus of national strengths that all parties must concern. This is based on the fact that the transportation problem still focuses on the limited application of technology and management in order to fulfill the community's needs for transportation services. Other evidence shows the countries that succeed in the construction industry are those who give priority to the transportation system for the sake of public interest services which are very dynamic. For example, the Government with its plan of the highway construction in various locations needs to be supported in the availability of appropriate regulations of the construction, toll road operation, security of investment for investors, and a guarantee of land acquisition process.


Reflecting on those conditions, KWARSA HEXAGON provides comprehensive and excellent consulting services in transportation sector including road, bridge, port, airport and other supporting infrastructures which are measurable and in best quality.


KWARSA HEXAGON with professional experts, provides preparation of feasibility study services including Survey and Investigation, also Environmental Impact Analysis in the areas of transportation, the preparation of Engineering Design, Supervision and Construction Management.


In the sector of building construction and architecture, KWARSA HEXAGON also offers the services of Feasibility Study, Engineering Design, Supervision and Construction Management. In the beginning of each stage of Engineering Design, it will be implemented preliminary study as the reference of basic design criteria in order to achieve work implementation and environment effectively, efficiently and optimally. Thus, our consulting services run as well as we expected. For example, in the sector of industrial and commercial infrastructures, we give special attention to the layout aspect and material management.


Civil and Construction Management activities in KWARSA HEXAGON including:

  • Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Road and Bridge
  • Transportation System Development
  • Development and Port Construction
  • Development and Airport Construction
  • Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of "Highrise" Building and Architecture Design
  • Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Government and Commercial Buildings
  • Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Industrial Buildings
  • Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Warehouse and Housing
  • Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Pipe Lying
  • Construction Management

As well as the scope of consultancy services in Civil and Construction Management, KWARSA HEXAGON always contributes to the movement of the wheels of national development in dignity.