Energy Development

About Energy Development

Indonesia is well known with primary potential renewable and non renewable energy. Renewable energy such as hydropower, geothermal, winds, solar, and tides. Whereas non renewable energy are fuel, natural gas and coal.

Generally in whole the world, energy utilization still dominated by fuel, where the fuel demands growth by 7% a year. Specifically in power sector, electricity demands growth by 7,1% a year, which is mean the generating capacity also need to increase.  The government has sets 5% a year from total national capacity as a target of renewable energy utilization. The incoming power plant must be utilizing renewable primary energy as the priority. While the MEMR (ministry of energy and mineral resources) data show that total installed generating capacity are 30 GW and the electrification ratio is 64%. The condition is showing less impression of utilization of the new and renewable energy, which the effective diversification and energy conservation programs become a necessity.