Survey and Investigation


The survey and investigation (S/I) works is a fundamental entrance for the engineering and development activities, with current concern specified to 'just in time' output delivery, precision and data accuracy. Survey and Investigation has been applied in engineering works through geodetic survey, hydro-oceanographic and geotechnical investigation by applying digital technology, using satellite imagery & radar imagery and computer software with high accuracy, economical, safe, and environmentally friendly.


S/I works usually required on prevention and mitigation of natural disasters that often occur in this decade, such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, land liquefaction, land subsidence due to earthquake shocks and some other natural disaster.


Development their own S/I implementation have been improve to another specific application like grouting technology. Both cement and chemical grouting have been applied and effective to sealed water problems in underground Tunnel. Using an environmental friendly material make Grouting becomes an excellent solution.


As with is survey and investigation progression in engineering development, KWARSA HEXAGON has more than 20 years comprehensive experience conducting various surveys and investigations encompass:

  • Topographic Survey,
  • Geotechnical Investigation,
  • Hydrology and Geo-Hydrology Survey,
  • Hydro-Oceanography Survey,
  • Slope Stability Analysis,
  • Seismic hazards analysis,
  • Chemical and cement Grouting.

With our wide experiences in this field and rapid growing of all infrastructure sectors and also new innovative science and engineering especially in geo-engineering and maritime, KWARSA HEXAGON able to be a reformation pioneer in Survey and Investigation with strong support by equipment, experience engineer to implement the engineering Norm.